1. The Frisian lands (Friesland, Fryslan, Freesland, Fryslond) have the right to self-determination as one united European region/entity.

2. The independent European region of Friesland has its own borders. Within those borders are the provinces of Fryslân and Groningen (in the Netherlands), Ost-Friesland (in Germany), and Nord-Fraschlonj in northern Germany and southern Denmark.

3. The Frisians should, like people in other countries, have rights for their autonomy. The Groep fan Auwerk supports autonomy, because we believe it's a principle for Frisian Freedom.

4. Besides autonomy, there's also a goal to establish Frisian institutes for a united future. Examples are universities, airports, and radio and TV stations.

5. We will strive with the Frisian nation for a national hymn, flag, coat of arms, sports teams, and other Frisian symbols. These will help create one united feeling for the Frisian people.

6. The profits from things such as gas and energy that come from Frisian lands will be invested in the Frisian economy.

7. There are several dialects and languages in the new Friesland. For meetings with other Frisians we prefer to use Sater-Frisian. This variety is the easiest for all Frisians to understand and learn.

8. The Groep fan Auwerk supports federalism, because it brings people closer to each other, and to their region. The existing capitols and regional “parliaments” like Leeuwarden, Groningen, Auwerk, and Husum will stay functional. There will eventually be a central government with ministries for all Frisian regions, like a ministry for the economy, education, farming, etc.